The Azrael Initiative


The first three chapters of The Azrael Initiative are now available to read here.

Kayla Falk and Olivia Bellamy are enjoying a typical dinner in their university cafeteria when the sound of gunshots rips through the room. Through a combination of cleverness, reckless bravery, and a fair amount of luck, the two young women overcome all odds and stop the attack.

After another attack hits close to home, Kayla and Olivia are recruited by a secret government program to combat ISIS. This program is known as the Azrael Initiative. Together, the women journey to the heart of enemy territory to bring the fight to those who had sought to harm their loved ones.

Kayla and Olivia, armed with the knowledge that if they are caught they will be killed, or worse, struggle to find a line between vengeance and justice. Along the way, the symphony of brutality around them reshapes their friendship and forges them into the warriors they were meant to become. Can they defeat their enemies without becoming monsters themselves?

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