Exploring the World of Storm Raven: The Stalsta Federation

As the release date of Storm Raven approaches, I’m continuing a series of short posts on various parts of the world in which the book takes place. This fourth and final entry is about the Stalsta Federation. You can also read the previous one about the Cambisian Empire.

The Stalsta Federation is a rising nation in the world of Storm Raven. Just a few decades before the events of Storm Raven, the Federation did not exist. Instead, there were just a number of island nations, loosely related by a shared ancestry and culture. However, that all changed with the rise of a charismatic and ambitious Foreign Minister within Stalsta, the most powerful of those nations. This minister convinced the other nations that they needed to band together for strength and protection. The Federation invested heavily in developing its industry and reforming its military. Within a few years, newly born Stalsta Federation surged to power and began to rival the nearby Cambisian Empire.

Of course, the rise of a new strong nation did not go unnoticed by the Cambisian Empire. It was not long before the two nations came into conflict. A major war erupted over control of the rich mines on the western edge of the Cambisian mainland. Each side blamed the other for the war. The Staltans claimed that it was the rightful property of a nation that wanted to join the Federation. The Cambisians accused the Stalstans of making an incursion into Cambisian territory and threatening the Empire. While the war ended with the Empire seizing control of the mines, tensions remain high between the two nations and it seems inevitable that war will break out between them again.

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