Author Interview with Sarah J. Pepper

Today, I present an interview with Sarah J. Pepper, author of a number of books including the Twisted Fairytale Confessions series, the Never Ever series, and the Fate Trilogy.

1. First, tell me a bit about yourself. What would you like readers to know about you?

Well, I’m an unforgiveable coffee junkie. My favorite time is best spent in a bubble bath with a good book or Netflix. I have a serious addiction to Amazon “one click.” I’m hopelessly in love with my high-school sweetheart. Oh, and I plot your death if you p*ss me off 😉 So yeah, did I mention I have a bit of a dark side?

2. Can you tell me about your current project?

Right now I’m getting ready to release Forever Cursed, book #2 of the Never Ever Series. It is a spin-off of your favorite fairytale Peter Pan. But in my series, the Captain and Miss Bell demand the attention.

3. What drew you to writing in the fantasy genre?

I’ve always been a bit of a weirdo. I nerded out watching Star Trek and Disney movies when I was a wee lady. Now that I’m grown when I am trying to do the adulting, I find myself in alternate realities. #badatadulting

4. Where do you find inspiration for the stories you create?

Unmmm. In my head. Leave me alone for any amount of time and I’m plotting. The great burden of a short attention-span.

5. Your books include some modernized takes on fairy tales. How do you pick which stories to use? What do you like most about putting a twist on a classic story?

The stories pick me. I really wanted to write a Beauty and Beast spinoff this fall but my dear sweet and ever sassy Miss Bell demanded my attention.

6. How do you feel you’ve evolved as a writer as you’ve progressed in your career?

I’m known for dark and twisted scenes… but I personally think I am simply writing hot romance. So maybe that says more about my perception of life.

7. Do you have a process for developing your characters?

I focus more on character realistic reaction. The attitude and personality tend to follow. Though, I never expected Snow White in my Snow White Lies to be a drug dealer. See, even I am surprised with how my stories play out.

8. How did you discover your love of writing?

Honestly? My hate for shoveling the driveway. My hubby was working and Mother N dumped on us big time. So when I couldn’t take the dropping temps anymore, I decided to get the feeling back in my fingertips by writing…

9. What is your favorite part of being a writer?

Falling in love. I am an absolute hopeless romantic. And I love to take the feels (both good and bad) that my real life Prince charming gives me and put that to paper.

10. What is your greatest challenge as a writer?

Spelling. Yeah, it’s terrible.

11. How do you find inspiration and motivation to write when you feel stuck?

I do anything else. Forcing it has never worked for me so I simply do something else I love. And I get into a lot of things. Snowboarding. Gardening. Biking. Pinterest projects. Eating cookie dough. Or getting in some much needed time with Amazon One Click.

12. What’s your favorite way to take a break from writing?

Marathons on Netflix.

13. What’s one piece of advice that you would give to aspiring or new authors?

Don’t let your shortcomings be your destiny. I’m a terrible speller and the grammar isn’t so good either. But that’s what editors are for, right?

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